Healing neighborhoods

By Kevin Boes

When we look at the many needs of low-income communities across the country it’s easy to get stuck in silos—housing or schools, economic development or social services, safer streets or healthier residents. It’s more difficult to find ways to address those myriad interrelated needs together.

The silos are certainly apparent when it comes to health care and affordable housing. But, what if we could find a way to truly integrate the two?  That question was the genesis for the Healthy Futures Fund.  Read more

Kevin Boes is president of New Markets Support Company (NMSC), which manages the Healthy Futures Fund.  

What does a Healthy Futures Fund project look like?

The Healthy Futures Fund finances affordable housing with Low Income Housing Tax Credits and supports community health centers with New Markets Tax Credits. Grant support helps link the two.  In practice, that can take a variety of forms, from housing and health centers on the same campus, to a new health center that extends services to an existing affordable housing development across town, to a new low-income housing project that includes space and programming for health screening, exercise programs and/or nutrition counseling.  Still confused?  Take a look at some of these housing and health center examples.